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2019 Cancer Survivors Day Street Fair

It was a beautiful day at this year's Cancer Survivors Day Street Fair at Cancer Support Community Central Ohio! Much like the Golf Outing and Night Of Chocolate, El Vaquero helps organize and sponsors the event. We also volunteered, provided snacks for the participants and did the photos for the Pop-Up Photo Booth!

The National Cancer Survivors Day is a secular holiday celebrated on the first Sunday in June primarily in the United States of America. The day is meant to “demonstrate that life after a cancer diagnosis can be a reality”.[1]Though it is mainly celebrated in the United States, the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation is attempting to grow its popularity in other countries, with some success.

About Cancer Support Community Central Ohio

Cancer Support Community is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that all people affected by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action and sustained by community. Their programs and services are offered to all those affected by cancer: patients, families, children, frie

nds, coworkers and caregivers. And they do it at no cost so no one faces cancer alone.

Their programs and services are always provided at no cost to ensure that they do not increase the financial burden of those already coping with life-threatening issues. They serve all people with cancer—any diagnosis, any stage—and their families and caregivers. Their comfortable setting helps people find a sense of community among others with whom they can share, learn and improve their quality of life.

All of their programs, including support groups, are managed and facilitated by licensed mental health professionals who are specifically trained in Cancer Support Community philosophy, methodology and administration. Cancer Support Community provides only programs that are both purposeful and proven to be effective by sound research.

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