Fresh Authentic Guacamole At El Vaquero Mexican Restaurant

Every morning at all of our locations, our skilled "Guacamoleigists" make fresh and satisfying guacamole goodness. When you're eating guacamole, you're eating history that dates back to the 1500s. The Aztec empire created this spread with the same exact ingredients that local restuarants use today. The Aztecs called this saucy spread "ahuaca-mulli" which translates to avocado-mixture or avocado-sauce. Pretty creative, eh? Of course, the secret didn't stay with the Aztecs for long. The Spaniards encountered the Aztec people and their ahuaca-mulli while exploring the New World and knew it would be a hit back home. Unfortunately, avocados are not native to Europe so there was a problem when try

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