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Nellie's Campaign For Kids With Majestic Nails & El Vaquero Puts On Special Event!

On Friday, June 14th NC4K, Majestic Nail Salon and El Vaquero Mexican Restaurant organized and sponsored a special event for 35 girls living with cancer. Majestic Nails shut down their salon for a Girl's Night Out with some makeover pampering, tacos and lot's of memories!

ABOUT NC4 K And Their Mission

NC4K is dedicated to supporting pediatric cancer patients and their families living or receiving treatment in the state of Ohio during one of the most challenging times of their life both financially and emotionally.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT Each month they review financial requests made by families. Aid is tailored to each family’s situation and needs. Examples of support include mortgage payments, home improvement projects, payment of utility bills, and grocery gift cards.

EMOTIONAL SUPPORT They provide families with support to lift their spirits, including snack bags and dinners at the hospital, care packages, and room makeovers.

EVENTS FOR PLAY They plan fun events for the families to look forward to, such as theri Reindeer Games Holiday Party, OSU Band Night, and Back to School Bash. The smiles at these events are contagious!

For more information and to see how you can get involved click here:

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